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Saturday, 23 May 2020

'Useful' 5 Nepali YouTube channels

Lockdown has changed everyone's diary. Everyone wants to get back to normal. How many days will it take for the wood to be cut due to the increasing corona infection? Can't say
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Nepali YouTubers

Uncertain lockdowns may have made it difficult for many to make ends meet. YouTube can be a good way to spend time like this. This is a video store. It can be a fun day to watch creative and positive videos.
Here we will discuss about five Nepali YouTube channels, which can be useful to follow.

1.Season Bania, Travel Vlogger

Lately, it has become popular among the young viewers. He travels to many places to make funny videos. He presents in his blog in an interesting style the general subject / place he has never seen or seen. His blog covers the whole of Nepal.

Whether it's Manang's ice climbing or Janakpur's Chhath video. Nepali culture and Nepaliness can be seen in his blog. Real Nepal can also be seen in the blog that includes Pakha Pakhera and Kandra. This is the feature of his blog. In the blog he tries to cover everything as much as possible. He includes topics that bind the viewer in the blog. That's why his blog is different from others.

There is no ugliness in his video. Everyone from young viewers is entertained by watching his videos. By creating a blog, Sison has earned millions of fans. Many bloggers have come forward following him, who has been busy creating blogs for four years. Dad liked to travel with his busy schedule. Because of his temperament, he tells the story of the season he started his travel blog.

Recently, he was talked about because he worked on the Miss Nepal Introduction video of the Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada. The video was the Shrinkhala that won the Multimedia Award in Miss World 2018. The video of the Shrinkhala winning Beauty with Purpose was also made by her group.

In this lockdown, if you are bored indoors, video of the season may be appropriate. Staying at home, you can go on a trip to Nepal with the season.

2.Krisa Shrestha, Fitness Instructor

Since the country is in lockdown, the routine of going to the gym has been stopped. Krisha Shrestha's vlog can be useful for those who are 'missing' fitness training. Fitness instructor Shrestha has been active on YouTube since 2013. She is publishing a blog video of Zumba, Workout and 'Diet Plan' on her YouTube channel. Targeting viewers at home in Lockdown, she has posted a possible workout video at home on YouTube.

She has her 'The Physics Workshop' gym in kamaladi, Kathmandu. During the lockdown, she also made a workout video for the gym's client that can be done at home. Especially today, female viewers on YouTube are questioning her in the comments on how to lose weight. So Krisa says that she has made a similar workout video public in Lockdown.

3.The Story Tailors

‘The Story Tailors’ is a YouTube channel that tells the story of local heroes' sorrows, struggles and challenges. Inspiring those who are contributing in various fields to tell their story by standing on the stage, this channel includes the inspirational saga of the exemplary 'hero' of Kunakpcha, Nepal. The channel has been active since 2014 with the belief that ‘stories have the power to change and influence’.

The channel contains very interesting stories of different personalities. Short but very moving stories have been made public on this channel. The 12 series started by the channel have included stories from various fields including music, society and entertainment. The channel, which has 275,000 subscribers, has so far released 344 videos. From film director Nischal Basnet to Dalit rights activist Rita Pariyar. There is a lot of pain and courage hidden in those who stand on the stage and tell their stories.

‘The Story Tailors’ can be not only an excuse to spend time but also a golden opportunity to learn from one's life.

 4.James Shrestha, Comedy YouTuber

James Shrestha has been making YouTube videos since 2014. He is reacting to various videos.

His reaction videos are entertaining. James is also making travel blogs around the world. He makes videos of various challenges and games and puts them on YouTube. His reaction video on Saroj Tamang has been watched by more than one million people. Lockdown can be made entertaining by watching other blogs along with his funny reaction video.

5.Nepali e-cards

If someone is trying to learn guitar at home, Nepali e-chords are suitable for them. Whenever you go to this channel, you can learn to play the guitar in the song you want to learn.

This can be a great online class for those who have just started playing the guitar. The channel has made public videos called 'Apprentice Lessons' for newcomers. So those who try to play the guitar during the lockdown can learn from this channel's video. The video has been public on this channel since 2013.

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