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Saturday, 23 May 2020

The most played game Candy Cross

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You may have received requests to play various games on Facebook. Some have even warned on the Facebook wall not to send requests to play such games. Various games like Candy Cross, Farm Hero etc. are popular online.
Candy crush saga
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According to the latest data released by Facebook, out of 1.3 billion Facebook users, 315 million users play at least one game monthly. Similarly, the number of notifications sent requesting to play the game has also increased. According to Facebook, users send 735 million notifications every day. Facebook has also made public the fact that many people are making money from games that can be played on smartphones, Android and desktops. Users who play games on more than one platform spend more than three and a half hours playing on the same platform. They spend the same amount of money to buy games. They also click on ads. The fact is based on a survey conducted by Facebook last November.

In this way, Candy Cross Saga has surpassed everyone in the most played games. Launched on the social network in April 2012, the game, which has been available for mobile use since November, can be downloaded through Apple's App Store and Google Play. It is built by King Company. In the last three months of 2013 alone, users spent about 50 million on it. After playing this game up to a certain level, you have to get permission from a friend to get to the next level. After 3 friends send the ticket, you can reach the next level and play the level above that. If your friends don't send you a ticket, you should stick around. Due to this, various notifications come to play Candy Cross.

Farm Hero Saga came in second and Pet Rescue Saga came in third. Earlier, a game titled FarmVille Two was popular on Facebook. In March last year, Candy Cross overtook Farmville. It set a record as the most played game in the world. All three are products of Game King Company. Before King, Zinga's products were popular on Facebook. Zinga lost 63 percent of its users between mid-2012 and the end of 2013.

According to, the number of users of Candy Cross Saga reached about 150 million in the month of August, while the number two user of Candy Cross Soda Saga reached 36 million. Then there are other games, respectively. However, it has a much smaller number of users than Candy Cross.

Lately, different types of games are prevalent in the market. Such games can be played on everything from mobiles to computers and large game zones, but there are also many who play games through Facebook. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Those who are not go to the game zone and play. In such games, especially action, adventure or sports games are found to be prevalent. These games are popular as offline games. Various games can also be played online on the internet. Some players even play such games commercially.

The most played game Candy Cross Reviewed by K.D on Saturday, May 23, 2020 Rating: 5 Download 🍬 crush You may have received requests to play various games on Facebook. Some have even warned on the Facebook wall not to send...

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