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Sunday, 24 May 2020

10 interesting Fact about 'PUBG' Games

You may have heard the name 'PUBG'. Dangerous game, this game once played, he paid attention to it and started playing.
10 fact of pubg mobile
PUBG Mobile

Today, there are definitely some pubg players in our house. A home without pubg is rare in our society. But there is a lot of information about it, which very few people know.

Today we are going to tell you 10 things about pubg games that you will be surprised to know.

1. PUBG was launched in 2017 for the PC and Xbox platforms. In the same year, the game caused a stir.

2. PUBG i.e. ‘PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLWGROUND’S’ game is inspired by a Japanese movie. Even in that movie, some people are left on the island. There everyone fights with each other and in the end only one survives.

3. You understand the concept of the game but now find out why this game is named PUBG? In fact, Baba Grandon Green, who created this game, used to play the game 'Arma-2' a lot before it became a game.

In this game they put their name ‘PLAYER UNKNOWN’. That's why they named this game PUBG.

4. PUBG became the most popular game in the world shortly after its launch. Pubzi is a game that is played by most people in the world.

5. PUBG players are most afraid of the Blue Zone. It is a circle, which gets smaller with time.

Many die in the game because of this. The idea for a Blue Zone in Pubg was taken from the Soviet Union.

6. The pubg player becomes his own doctor. This means that you can easily heal yourself and even save your life. But sometimes you can't find a place to heal yourself.

We are going to tell you about such a place, where you can easily save yourself. That place is the sea. No bullet can touch you inside the ocean.

7. When Pubg was launched, there were no places like underground tunnels. But a few months later, a map was added to it. Then the game started to get better.

8. After winning the pubg, the winner gets the prize of the winner, the chicken dinner. But you may not know what that means. A game of gambling was played in the 19th century. When someone was throwing money at the game, the rest of the people would call it a winner, a chicken dinner.

9. Some parts of the pubg game are real. You can see these places on the map with Erangel and Sanhok.

10. Now that we know everything, let's get information about its earnings. Pubg has broken the record of most games in terms of earnings.

Pubji has become one of the 10 highest earning games in the world.
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