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Saturday, 23 May 2020

10 Tips for Becoming a Good Blogger

Although blogging is a common topic, its scope is huge. People all over the world should try to make their blog as good as possible as they can read online. In particular, blogs can be divided into three parts: personal, social and business. Some bloggers are also making money by blogging. Your blog needs to be engaging and readable. Here are some tips to make a good blog.
10 tips for Blogger

1.Explain your purpose
 The first way to make a blog readable is to ask yourself, why are you blogging? What is the purpose of the blog, is it a public form of a private diary? Is it a journal or a social network? Is the writing you started a business or a hobby? Be clear about such objectives yourself. Objective blogs do not gain much momentum.

2.Attractive design
Content placed on a blog alone does not attract the reader. You should be able to read while looking at your blog. For that you need to combine colors, font size, style, mood and tone to match the theme of the blog. Avoid dark letters and black backgrounds. That makes reading a blog awkward.

3.Use tools correctly
Make good use of the tools provided by the blog site. It makes your blog easier, faster and more convenient.

4.Make it easy for the reader too
Make it easy for readers to travel to the blog. As you are using feedback and RSS feeds, your readers need to be able to easily respond and subscribe to the feed. The reader should not hesitate to search for your previous content. The archive should be well managed. Search engines available on your site should be easy to find.

5.Stay in one place
Bloggers usually keep moving. Sometimes they do it as a public host and sometimes they blog by registering their own domain. You are sure to lose readers when using different URLs. If you need to create another blog, skip writing about the new blog in the old blog.

6.Engage the reader
This is the most important thing in a blog. Attracting readers and making them regular readers of your blog is very difficult, but it is also a must do. Tell readers about yourself and keep in touch with them to keep them busy. Answer them in a polite manner. Try to keep your content regularly updated and excellent on the blog.

7.Create a blog schedule
Blog readers keep changing, but once they are attracted to your blog, they don't stop looking for new content every time they come to your blog. Even if you can't keep up with new content every day, be sure to update it from time to time.

8.Be smart on Content
Make your blog as smart as possible. No matter what you write, don't write too long on the blog. Make it smart so that the reader doesn't have time to read and has fun. One thing to keep in mind is that people do not study deeply on the Internet, they read in a cursory way.

9.View content before publishing
     Make no mistake about your blog. This is an unedited article, but it is difficult for the reader to read. So read carefully before publishing on the blog. If you are a professional blogger, pay special attention to purity.

10.Organize yourself
  Your blog doesn't have to have new readers every day, but you should keep your blog organized. Take special care not to disturb the readers who have come once.šŸ¤šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
10 Tips for Becoming a Good Blogger Reviewed by K.D on Saturday, May 23, 2020 Rating: 5 Although blogging is a common topic, its scope is huge. People all over the world should try to make their blog as good as possible as they...

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