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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Why use Linux?

Business, education, government and other organizations around the world are increasingly changing their operating systems to Linux. Similarly, software used for other purposes is also being used openly and freely. What is the reason for using such open and free software? Let's discuss something about this.
Linux operating system
Linux operating system

1. Because it is open and free, Linux and other software are available for free. These softwares can be downloaded and used free of charge from the Internet. Also, you can make as many copies of these softwares as you want, which is not a feature of software like Microsoft Windows.

2. Because Linux has open source, it can be changed and run as you wish.

3. High-level support for Linux can be found in newsgroups and forums on the Internet. Linux developers and other users around the world can solve any problems with Linux in a very short time.

4. The development of Linux is unlikely to stop for any reason in the future. The future of software with closed sources depends on the will or interest of the creator of that software. So the future of such software may not be certain. However, open source code for open source software, such as Linux, is unlikely to completely shut down the software used by many users.

5. Linux's internal operating process does not change. Linux is based on the Unix operating system, which has been in use for over 35 years. No matter how new a version of Linux is, the internal operating process tends to be based on Unix.

6. When the new version of Linux is released, the old hardware and software are also made to work. So every time a new version comes, Linux does not have the problem of not running the old hardware or software that you are running.

7. There is no charge to convert your Linux version to the latest version.

8. Using Linux on more than one computer does not require a license.

9. Linux does not have the problem of viruses. Also, since Linux is a very secure operating system, hacking problems are very rare.

10. The chances of a Linux crash are extremely low. Similarly, Linux does not have to be restarted every time you install new software or change anything. This feature can be especially important for businesses, as even a minute of computer shutdown in such areas can be a huge loss.

11. Linux has hundreds of distributions. This allows the user to choose the system that suits their usage.

12. Linux and other open and free software use open file formats so that you do not have to stick to the same software to open any file.

13. Linux can be made to run on certain hardware. Due to this feature, Linux can be run from mobile phones to large servers and even super-computers.

14. Linux is available for a variety of computers and processors. Linux also runs on various processors like AMD, SunSparc besides Intel processors used by many.

15. Linux is especially suitable for the educational sector. With all Linux resources open, students can better understand how a computer works. Linux and other open source software inspire others to share the software they have with them, a message that teaches students to be social. Conversely, commercial software licenses say that copying or distributing the software will result in legal action, which is not a good message for students.

16. Linux and the open source software used in it are also suitable for government work. In government work, there is more work related to information editing and storage and transparency is very important in this work. Linux and open source software use internationally recognized systems to store files, so the whole process is transparent.

17. Due to the open development system and availability, ethical aspects are given great importance in Linux and open source software.

18. With open source, there is no doubt that Linux and open source software are working internally.

19. The development of Linux and open source software is much faster than that of commercial software, which leads to a much faster improvement in the quality of software.

20. Using Linux and open source software can also reduce costs.
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