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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Some true, half-truths and untruths about Linux OS

The Linux operating system is very popular now. The number of Linux users is growing worldwide. Linux users are also increasing in Nepal. In this context, we are discussing some of the true and half-truths about Linux.
Linux operating system
Linux OS

It isidifficult to install Linux ?


Based on the different versions of Linux, most versions can be installed faster and easier than the Windows operating system. Some Linux versions can be installed in less than an hour with all the necessary software and updates, such as Redhat Linux, Fedora Linux, Mandriva Linux and Ubuntu Linux. In fact, some Linux versions are more addictive, which makes the installation process a bit more difficult, such as Gentoo Linux. Installing Linux includes full-featured desktops, office packages, CD-DVD burning software, image editing tools, e-mail, Internet programs, and more and more game programs. That too with complete freedom and for free. In addition, other programs are readily available if needed.

It is difficult to install programs on Linux
Half true

Until a few years ago, it was very difficult to install programs on Linux. But in recent versions of Linux, it has become much easier to find and install new programs. If you have access to the Internet, you can easily download software and install it on your computer. Software on the Internet Such repositories are called repositories. If the software you need is in the repository, there is no problem installing the software. But if the software is not in the repository, then installing the software can be a bit difficult. But most of the software running on Linux is in the repository. So installing software on Linux is not a problem.

Linux requires an anti-virus program

Linux does not have a virus problem. There are no viruses on Linux, but very few (a few dozen). And some of these viruses, like other viruses, are not transmitted from one computer to another. So no need to worry about viruses when running Linux.

Linux is a very secure operating system. The loose operating system required to transmit any virus from one computer to another is not possible on Linux.

Linux cannot be hacked

Problems with any complex software like Linux can come and go. So it is wrong to say that Linux cannot be hacked. But since Linux is being developed by Linux developers around the world, the chances of Linux being hacked are slim.

Even if you have a problem with Linux, if you put your problem in various forums on the Internet, other Linux users around the world will solve your problem in a few hours. So it is not impossible to hack Linux, but even if there is a problem, the problem is solved immediately through the Internet.

Another thing to understand is that Linux is considered to be the most secure operating system. Linux is known to be a more difficult system to hack than other operating systems.

Computer hardware does not work well on Linux
Half true

The truth is that Linux's hardware operating system is better than other operating systems. But if you have a brand new hardware, it may not work on Linux. But Linux developers around the world are solving this problem. Waiting a while will fix your hardware problem.

In addition, cheap modems made for the Windows operating system may not work on Linux. For this you may need to buy another good type of modem.

It is difficult to run Linux

It is usually difficult to learn something new. The same thing applies with Linux. If you are used to other computer systems, it is natural to be difficult to run Linux in the beginning, but Linux itself is not difficult at all.

Windows programs do not run on Linux
Half true

Windows programs cannot be run directly on Linux, but Windows programs can be run on Linux through programs such as Wine or Crossover Linux. But usually you don't need to run Windows programs on Linux. Instead of Windows programs, Linux has different types of programs. For example, instead of Photoshop running on Windows, Linux has a program called GIMP. Similarly, instead of Microsoft Office, there is a program called OpenOffice. There are also a variety of programs available on Linux for surfing the Internet, reading emails, listening to music, and more. These programs are generally the same or better than Windows programs.
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