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Saturday, 21 March 2020

Fake Audio spread on Facebook : Fact Check

"Hello Himal timi lai euta important kura sunauna phone gareko"

You may also find audio that has a male voice starting with these sentences in Facebook Messenger. In that message, two people were examined at Norvic Hospital while trying to provoke panic by saying that the corona virus had been shown to four people and spreading it to Nepal.
Caption: Fact Check

He is trying to make the listeners' minds know that this is not true. But saying no is not a fraudulent certificate. Rather than blindly believing in such things, let us consider the fact that this audio is incorrect and prevent it from spreading.

1 Norvic is not in Pulchowk
The audio is said to be from staff living near the working house at Norvic Hospital. But the poor did not know where the Norvic Hospital was. He is called Norvic Hospital in Pulchowk. Norvic is not in pulchok it's at Thapathali. You may never have gone to the poor. So he did not know that there was a Nervic Hospital near Thapathali's maternity home. Do you believe that a person who does not know where the hospital is is saying that the news is not true?

2 The only voice of the phone talks
The audio is made to call Himal to talk. But this is not a phone conversation. Because there is only one way on the phone. If you say 'Himal' then you should say 'no' or something like that. But this is just a drama about talking on the phone. If there is a phone conversation after saying one thing then the other side will get some answers. But oneway has spoken. There is also a phone conversation somewhere.

3  Another audio that's not called

It may sound as though you have called, but you do not hear it. Another type of audio is also circulating on Facebook. The guy who has the same voice says the same thing. But that doesn't make it like talking on the phone. He must have made another audio so that his mistake was discovered.

4 It is not possible to hide

Could it be true that people have died of coronary virus, 9 of them were tested while 6 were tested? Did the government hide it? Could the media hide this too?

This is not possible. 6/6 cannot be hidden even when viewed from a corona test. One could doubt that this could have been done if there had been an issue within Nepal. But Corona is something of the world's attention. The World Health Organization (WHO) is also constantly monitoring the trials in Nepal. If the test is positive, then the report should be sent.

Similarly, if caution is caused by corona, you should be careful not to spread it to others. In this case, the funeral procession can also be difficult. Therefore, such things will not be concealed.

5 Why is such a fake news spread?

Since this audio is sound, it does not take long for the police to record it. He seems to be in a mood to terrorize society. Otherwise, there is nothing to be gained by spreading such Fakenews. This may have been spread because of the extremist tendency to want to terrorize others.

6 what can we do for such remors ?

Many such misinformation is now spreading. In another example, at 12 o'clock at night, the plane was said to be in the house as it would spray against the corona.

It is also an infection like the corona virus. Information Transition. Infodemic. Just as it is important to wash your hands to prevent the corona from spreading, you must be aware that such information should not be transmitted. If such audio comes to your messenger, you will not forward it to others. On the contrary, he should tell the sender not to send such a thing.

If you find any inaccurate, suspicious news or links on Facebook, do not share, like or comment on it. If you do, such wrongs can only spread. Only get information from sources that are very reliable.

Translated from Mysansar.com
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