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Friday, 20 March 2020

Nepal's PM Address To people on prevention Of Coronavirus

The Honorable Prime Minister Mr. KP Sharma Oli
 Address in the name of the nation in connection with the control and prevention of the corona virus infection
Nepal's pmkpoli
Caption: Nepal's Prime minister

 Dear sisters and brothers,
 Today I am here to discuss with you about public health, not about health.  So far, the entire world is undergoing the most difficult phase in history due to the complex state of the Corona virus epidemic.  Most countries around the world have been plagued by the epidemic.  Interestingly, the direct impact of this transition has not yet been seen in our country, Nepal.  But we are not in a position to be relieved of this risk.
 I have always put the health and safety of citizens at high priority.  Concerned about the potential risk of corona virus infection and its effects, I have been instructing from the beginning to work out a clear action plan.  The government has been making special preparations since its inception, with a strategy of preventing infection in the country, raising awareness, monitoring and managing quarantine and treating the infected.  In this connection, all preparations have been made for the liberation and quarantine of the students from neighboring China city of Wuhan, which was completed by 5 preparation meetings under my leadership.
 Before going to the hospital for kidney transplantation for the second time, a high-level directive committee headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ishwar Pokhrel had been made to act in my absence, and I made arrangements for the policy leadership to solve the problem.  Also, I made arrangements to implement the decisions made through the implementation committee headed by the Chief Secretary.  Through these mechanisms, the government has been coordinating with the state government and local level in a unified way.
 Sisters and brothers,
 Coping with epidemics is not easy.  We need to change our behavior and routine for a while.  It can cause some discomfort in people's lives, affect our habits and daily behavior.  But we have no choice but to overcome a potential infection.  Therefore, as the Prime Minister you trust, I urge you -
 · Pay proper attention to hygiene - Wash your hands frequently with soapy water and use a sanitizer.
 Avoid congestion,
 · Stay at home as much as possible,
 · Do not store too much of the essentials,
 · Don't be confused and impressed by the noise and rumors,
 · Follow the advice of doctors, experts and technicians,
 · Be patient and exercise patience, and
 · Be careful but do not panic.
 Everyone who has come to Nepal from an infected country should stay in the quarantine house for at least 7 days to protect themselves, protect their families and protect the community from infection.  I believe that all the brothers and sisters will play the role of responsible citizen in this difficult time.
 The government will make no effort to prevent, control and treat the infection.  For this, the provision of services from hospitals across the country, provision of adequate medicines and equipment, provision of necessary manpower has been given top priority.  Arrangements have been made to operate with high morale with proper encouragement to the manpower including doctors, nurses, health workers and security agencies directly involved in this work.
 Employees and service providers concerned will be encouraged to provide private sector services that can be accessed via electronic means.
 However, all government employees and even the private sector employees working in essential services will attend to their offices as usual and perform regular chores.
 Arrangements have been made to operate all types of vehicles, including private ones, as needed for public service flow.
 With the help of the private sector, arrangements have been made for regular supply of essential consumer goods, including foodgrains.  However, if anybody is involved in criminal activities like artificial scarcity, collecting and blackmailing, consuming food items while taking advantage of the difficult times, I will make it clear that strict action will be taken according to prevailing laws.
 The Ministry of Finance is conducting a microscopic study of the impact this global pandemic has had on the overall economy.  By analyzing the impact on the economy and its potential, the government will soon launch appropriate programs to prevent contraction in the economy.  Entrepreneurs and laborers - The government is sensitive to the adversity that this epidemic can create in all the traveling workers of the world and will have to address it.
 Sisters and brothers,
 There is also a compelling situation for some of the areas that you may need to take into consideration in terms of your health and safety.
 · All international airports arriving in Nepal have been postponed from 1st to 4th of March.
 · Traffic will be arranged along with compulsory health check-up arrangements to protect the health of the passengers traveling through the border with priority.  Necessary coordination will be made with neighboring countries in this regard.
 · All services except the essential services as provided in the Nepal Gazette, which are provided by public, community and private service providers across the country, union, state and local level, have been discontinued from March 1 to March 3.
 · All types of long-haul passenger vehicles operating throughout Nepal have been banned for some time from next on the 1st of March.
 · Cinema houses, etc., where the people are involved are currently closed.
 · The reading and examination of schools and universities have been postponed.
 · In view of the situation of the epidemic, further steps can be taken with the help of them.
 The Nepalese Government is alert and sensitive to the possible discomfort of Nepalese brothers and sisters in and outside the country with these arrangements.  I want to assure you that the government will strive to normalize people's lives by ending this uncomfortable situation at the earliest.
 The resolution proposed in the parliament and the unanimous resolution and the views expressed in the all-party meeting have shown the feeling that the whole nation is united in resolving this problem, which is a matter of great pleasure.  In this campaign, I strongly urge all members of the government, all associations of civil society and the media to express Nepali national sentiment with mutual support.
 A large number of Nepali sisters and brothers have been living outside the country.  I know you have some inconvenience due to the Corona virus epidemic.  At this time, I urge you not to be overly anxious and anxious to contact the diplomatic mission of the country where necessary.  Let us know if our mission can help you solve your problem.
 Immediately after I was discharged from the hospital, I also addressed a video conference of the governments and heads of nationals of South Asian nations organized by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.  Nepal also promised to contribute to the joint fund, which was challenged by the Indian Prime Minister to spend against the Corona virus epidemic.  I will also inform you that you will contribute 100 million rupees to this fund so that the SAARC nation can be adequately supported.  We are committed to fighting this epidemic with mutual goodwill and cooperation with our neighbors, regional friends and the international community.
 With your help, we will be successful in protecting the general public from the potential epidemic of the corona virus.  I would like to thank you for all the kindness and support you have received so far from the international community, including the private sector, the organization, both neighbors and other friendly nations, for this purpose.  I believe in the continued support from neighbors and other friendly countries and well-wishers in the coming days.
 I've heard people talk about my willpower and high morale as major factors in the rapid recovery of kidney transplants and post-treatment.  At this time, Maluk has demanded the strong will and high spirit of us all.  I believe that our willpower, high morale and mutual solidarity will play a decisive role in preventing, defeating and advancing the coronary virus epidemic.
 We firmly dealt with the devastating earthquake of 6 years and the devastation that followed.  I believe that all the brothers and sisters will be fully supported and supported with similar determination during this difficult time.
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