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Friday, 20 March 2020

'App Gallery' other Option of Playstore

Chinese mobile maker Huawei has challenged Google's 'Play Store' to make Huawei AppGallery a vision for building an ecosystem of secure and reliable mobile apps.

The use of 5G is increasing. The 4G and 5G mobile networks have made it easier to stay in touch with one another. On the other hand, the expansion of access to fixed Internet has increased the use of mobile apps. Typically, every user has 5 to 8 apps on his or her mobile.
app gallery
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In this program, Huawei has also announced the vision of its own App Store, 'Huawei App Gallery'. As part of Huawei's official app distribution platform, this appGallery has given users a new option. It has now emerged as the world's third largest app star. Which has access to 100 countries. There are 300 million monthly active users.

What is the Huawei App Gallery?

Howe's Apple Gallery is similar to Google's 'Play Store' and Apple's 'App Store'. From where users can easily download and use the app they need. On the other hand, in the case of App Builder, it provides full security by reviewing their full name in four steps for authentication and app security.

Testing for authentication of all apps will be robust to prevent any kind of bad move. It has an age-related 'age rating system' to give children a safe environment for mobile phone use. Which filters out inappropriate apps by age group.

AppGallery maintains a high level of authentication to protect users' sensitive data and privacy. Information related to biometrics, including privacy, will not be processed outside of their device, Howe said. Which will allow the user to have complete control over their personal data.
Huawei Aspiral's Vision in the World Market

"Our motto is 'Privacy is always in your control'," said Richard Yu, chief executive officer of Howe Consumer Business Group, "We have put privacy security and cyber security at the highest priority. We have also provided strict privacy regulations and cyber security at the Huawei App Gallery. '

The company's brand is ranked 8th in the Finance Global's annual Global Brand Value Rankings. There are hundreds of millions of users of Huawei worldwide. Which is seen as a strong basis for the development of the ecosystem. In addition, Huawei has deployed more than 3,000 engineers for ecosystem engineering.

Huawei AppGallery is working to grow successful apps by selecting the most popular apps and becoming an integral part of the digital lifestyle of global and localized apps and users.

The Huawei App Gallery has six genres including news, social media, entertainment and more. The company said that if the user could not find the desired app, he could be put on the wishlist and notified by the wishlist if the app was kept.
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