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Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Coronavirus: A Heart Tiger is more Dangerous than a Forest Tiger

Nepal is not only the biggest concern, concern and 'terror' epidemic of coronavirus worldwide. No one thought that the virus was so dangerous when it was infected in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, China, in late December 2019. Particularly in the early stages of the disease, in the meat traders of Wuhan, many people linked the Chinese food to the food, and many joked. To the extent that the disease was transmitted to China, to prevent the spread of the disease, it was also a protest against human rights in the name of human rights. But the control now being achieved shows that China's stringent steps were right.
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As the outbreak of the virus spreads in China, its ravages have reached almost 90 countries outside China.

The epidemic has infected more than 1 million people and killed more than 4200 . World Health Organization has called it 'deeply alarming' as the winter weather continues to spread throughout the world in hopes of reducing its transmission. The World Health Organization has already announced that Nepal will be at high risk of this epidemic, especially in Europe, the Middle East and East Asia.

In this case, Nepal's policy is to wait and see, not to be at the 'do or die' level, unfortunately it is not. So far, the government is preparing and looking at the steps it has taken to present facts and figures such as 'No infection in Nepal', 'Infected in suspects not proven'. Also, only the usual immunological measures seem to be adopted. These steps are in the right direction but not enough. The steps taken by the government are defensive and corrective. But now there is also a need for aggressive action. With the spread of the corona virus spreading around the world, Nepal's movement of tourists from many countries of the world is becoming seamless. How can one be sure that the coronary tract is not infected in Nepal by the current system based on a thermal scanner showing body temperature that such tourists are not infected with corona? Therefore, the government must be serious about this. In particular, if foreign or indigenous people coming to Nepal from other parts of the world are in the window period showing signs of infection or the 'incubation' period of the virus, is it guaranteed that the method adopted today can prevent or prevent the risk of their pandemic entering at any time? Isn't it important to be serious about it?

For this, the immediate task of the government now is to discourage tourists from other situations besides the urgent work from abroad. And, it is time for the tourists to make arrangements to keep the mandatory 1 day quarantine or strictly self-quarantine. So that they are not in the coronary infusion incubation period.

Many countries around the world have already started to discourage tourists from entering the country as hard as they can. Not only in the countries infected, some countries have already banned their citizens from traveling to the countries at risk of infection and even the tourists from such countries have already started to adopt the policy. On the other hand, China, the country that started the coronavirus infection, has also called for its citizens to return to China as soon as possible, except in cases where there is urgent work to prevent infection from other countries of the world. To some extent, the local governments of many cities in China have adopted a policy of essentially quarantining 7 people who have come from countries where they have been transmitted and are at risk of infection to completely eliminate the possibility of infection.

The lesson of how expensive it is to take lightly in preparation for the fight against coronavirus must be learned from the intensity of its transmission worldwide. The world is paying the price for the mistakes made by the countries of the world, making the depression of coronavirus infectious in China yesterday, treating it as a mere problem of China and adopting only normal preventive and corrective measures against it. Therefore, the lesson learned from this incident is that it is important to recognize that infectious infection has not occurred in Nepal so that it is not only the usual preventive measures, but it is time to aggressively rule out any possibility of infection.
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