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Friday, 18 August 2017


To be frank, in Nepal still No one providing Best Quality internet service  just they are OK. If you are planning to install new internet, then you might be thinking “How could I get a good and fastest Internet Service Provider in Nepal at a cheap price. Here I’ve listed Top  Internet Service Provider In Nepal to make it a bit easier for you to choose from these company.
This list is based upon  some research and reviews from people who use these isp internet service.


Vianet has been providing its service since 1999. It has been in the business of providing state of the art broadband internet and related services for more than a decade now it has introduced blazing fast Fiber Internet to the client’s whilst growing and exceeding the targets. Please use this link to know new offer from Vianet


It is one of the largest Internet Service Provider in Nepal established in 1995 to provide the Internet and IT services in Nepal. Over the past 22 years, the service provided by the World Link has made the business grown to the high level. If you want the internet it is one of the  second best options in Nepal. Besides the internet service, you can get the following services data connectivity, network integration and consult, web hosting and development, hardware sales and maintenance, and software development and systems integration from the branch offices/ partnership with World Link Technologies established in the different cities of Nepal. Get more information from worldlink website click here


 Nepal Telecom (NT) is popular Internet Service Provider in Nepal, Ntc  launched adsl in 2065 BS for home and office users. Nepal Telecom includes Unlimited(which is very Slow Internet) and Volume Based(Fast Internet) for home and office users.Now these days adsl service also getting upgraded so its quite fast. you can check from Ntc website click here


Classic Tech is one of the customers best Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Network Service Provider (NSP) in Nepal established in 2009. Its reliable services, user-friendly plans, the larger network and dedicated service made the ISP the best customer choice.
 Internet package and price: depending upon the plan you subscribe the packages differs. It holds the cheapest plan of the RS 899 per month to RS 1799 per month depending upon the speed you subscribe. For more rates, details go to the official site.


 OTEL is newly registered broadband Internet Service Provider in Nepal. It provides Internet service from Cable and Fiber Network. If you look into their package price they are quite cheap and reasonable in terms of download speed. It has only one Internet Package with 1Mbps Unlimited Internet. For more info please visit offical website


Subisu cablenet is one of the largest internet service providers in Nepal powered with its cable & fiber networks. It offers high-speed cable internet with free cable TV. It also provides wireless internet for home user for 768 Kbps unlimited internet for Rs 1100* per month. for more info please visit offcial website


Broadlink is the old Wi-Fi Internet Internet Service Provideing Broadband company. Broadlink has been providing its Wi-Fi Internet service for Home users in Residental Bundle with 4 Package Scheme i.e Basic (1Mbps), Premium (3Mbps), Robust (5Mbps) and Platinum (10Mbps). Their FTTH plan starts from Rs 1700* for 10Mbps with 30GB data and fall back speed is 512Kbps.
Visit offcial website of Broadlink 


Ncell is the largest private telecommunication company in Nepal. With Ncell Internet, you can get the internet at the better price. It offers you the packages like Internet Packs, Facebook Pack, Unlimited, and Internet Data Pack for Ncell Connect. for new traff and plan please visit Ncell website

TOP 8 BEST INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER (ISP) OF NEPAL Reviewed by K.D on Friday, August 18, 2017 Rating: 5 To be frank, in Nepal still No one providing Best Quality internet service  just they are OK. If you are planning to install new internet, ...

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