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Thursday, 17 August 2017


Getting people to watch your YouTube videos isn’t always easy. If you don’t have your foot in the door, or you don’t have a lot of connections, it’s pretty tough to rack up a substantial number of views.

YouTube is the second largest social network in the world, with more than 1 billion monthly active users, if you haven’t started treating it like a social network and developing your audience, you’re missing out on something big. As Robert Kyncl, the VP and Global Head of Content for Google/YouTube said, “Audience development is equally as important as great content. By creating fantastic content and spending zero time on audience development, you are certain that you will not succeed on YouTube.”

There are tricks to the trade that can help you get more views on YouTube, and onto the screens of thousands or even millions of people. Here are the 8 WAY TO GET ORGANIC VIEWERS ON YOUTUBE  we’ve found to get more YouTube views.

1. Focus on Quality Of Video .

No one wants to watch lame videos. Make sure you’re making a video you and your friends would want to watch before spending effort and money promoting it. The better the video, the easier it will be to get seen. Make amazing video on youtube .Amazing videos keep viewers watching, sharing and craving more. Keep it interesting, grab hold of their emotions, and make the entire experience visually and acoustically stunning.  So start now :D

2.SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is Everything On Internet.

Part of audience development is ensuring that you’re helping interested parties find your content. In traditional social media marketing, SEO hasn’t been a significant area of focus. During a SXSW panel on B2B and Social Media Jamie Grenney,  VP of Social and Online Video at Salesforce, conceded that “SEO is huge – 60% of our content is discovered via Search and Related videos.” In our own research we found this number to hold true across the board – 58% of YouTube viewers discover a video because of search and related videos. In other words, SEO must be part of your strategy.

3.Use Social Media for share  video

Aafter you upload your video on youtube and optimize it, share it with friends, family, or customers. You can do this through Facebook (personal or business), Twitter, Email (your contacts or a relevant email list, your website (if you have one), Reddit (When does the narwhal bacon?), or any other online platforms that you usually use to connect with people. It will help to Get More Viewers To your video. Social Media Is the best platform for shering content so that Use it properly.

 4.Know your audience

First of all you have to know your audience and what kinds of video they liked research  keyword of google and make quality video.
One of the most critical parts of audience development is knowing your audience, and the best way to get to do that audience is to see what they're saying about your videos. For instance, during a fireside chat on social media engagement, Rick Wion, the Director of Social Media at McDonald's, said the company's social media team spent three months monitoring conversations about its brand before engaging with consumers. So  it is the main point of get audience to your site or video focus on it.

"There are over 2 million videos uploaded to YouTube every single day, with over 50 Million viewers daily. But less than 1% of those videos ever receive more than 1,000 views in their lifetime."

5.Mouth Pubilcity 

Talk about Video On public .when people talk about, share and recommend your video on social media. There are tons of ways to encourage word of mouth marketing, but unless your video is hilarious or incredibly amazing – getting people to share it can be tricky. It’s a great way to getting viewers watching your video in the short-term, and has the potential of kickstarting word of mouth marketing and increasing your video’s search ranking.

6. Buy Viewer From Spend Money 

If You want make your video viral and you have enough money you can simply buy viewer. Big celebrities and Big company do this for Publicity. So you also do that.There are thousands of different websites and companies that sell YouTube Views, But the cold hard fact is, most of them use bots or other cheap methods of acquiring fake views (the ones you need to avoid). There are a handful of companies, including Devumi and FastFollowerz, which actually promote your videos to real people through websites and social media channels . you can buy viewer from these sites.

7. Determine Your Success Metrics

Before launching your YouTube video campaign, it’s important to determine how you will measure success. The metrics you want to pay attention to will be different depending on a) what type of campaign you have the budget for, and b) what you’re looking to gain from it.

8.Don't Give Up 

Don’t give up if your first few videos don’t succeed. Take time, focus on quality and learn from your mistakes. If you’re serious about achieving success on YouTube, whether it’s promoting your amazing video or creating better videos – keep at it! You’ll surely get there with some hard work. Keep focus on Work .
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