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Saturday, 2 May 2020

Best Laptop buying Tips

This may be due to the rapid development of information technology, the availability of electronic goods and the increasing load shedding in Nepal. Until a few years ago, desktop computers were used by (urban) general consumers to access laptop computers.
Before buying Laptop
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Less than a decade later, a budget of around half a million rupees had to be allocated to buy a well-known brand of desktop computer, but today at the same price, laptops are considered to be the best for office or daily work. Laptops of Dell, HP Compaq, Sony, Lenovo, MSI, Hasy etc. brands are available in the market. If you don't pay attention before buying a laptop, you may have to pay more because of the brand or because of unnecessary hardware connection or it may not match your needs. Let's talk about what to consider before buying a laptop in general.

Weight: Generally, the weight of a laptop and its price are inversely proportional. Inexpensive laptops with small screens that are suitable for daily use in the office or at home are lighter.
Laptops purchased for special purposes such as gaming series (suitable for playing games on computer), multimedia (graphics, 3D video, etc.) are heavy due to the hardware in them. Therefore, it is better to decide the purpose of the laptop you are going to buy.

Power: Normally laptops with 6 cell batteries give two to three and a half hours of power back up, while laptops with 9 cell batteries, which are a little more expensive than the specially purchased market price, give up to four, five hours of backup. When buying a new laptop, it is best to decide whether the battery of the model will be available in the market after the warranty period and the warranty period given by the distributor. As the model of any laptop gets older, the manufacturer stops producing its spare parts. In this case, parts (including batteries) imported from the Chinese market can be used to suit the brand. Which seem affordable in terms of price etc.

Processor and Memory: Laptops with Core to Dubo Core i3 processors are suitable for running the Internet in the office or at home and for small tasks, but Core i5 processor is preferred. In the same way, the seller also sells by increasing the memory. In this case, your budget can increase from 7 thousand and 15 thousand. The Core i7 processor is suitable for gaming series and multimedia systems. The processor processes the computer application and the commands given by the user in the language of the computer, while the memory stores the running programs. Therefore, not only the processor in the computer should be increased, the memory should also be increased in the same way.

Warranty / Guarantee: Before buying a particular brand of laptop, you should be clear about the warranty and guarantee given on that item. It is better to do the same if you get more warranty period by paying a few thousand more, but what kind of warranty (repairing only or getting replacement of damaged goods), if something happens, it should be settled within a few days.

Operating System: Generally, a genuine operating system (Windows) with serial key is installed on a laptop purchased through an authorized dealer of any manufacturing company, but if you buy a laptop without an operating system, you get a discount of Rs 6,000 to Rs 10,000. In fact, even if the company buys the OS from the operating system manufacturing company and pre-installs it, its price is already linked to the price of the laptop, which makes it expensive. From Nepal's point of view, since most of the software is used pirated, it is appropriate to buy a free DOS (without operating system) laptop to reduce your budget. You can use the Linux operating system as an alternative.

Brands: There can be significant disparities in the price of laptops from two different companies with the same hardware configuration. The higher the price, the better the goods. So before buying a laptop of a well-known brand, it is advisable to read its 'User Review' on the internet. The popularity of any brand in the market depends more on the profit, convenience, etc. that the company gives to the seller than on its goods. According to the data available on the internet, Toshiba brand laptops are popular in Europe and Acer brand consumption is increasing in the US market. Even though it is manufactured in Taiwan, considering the budget of Nepali users and the after-sales service (if there is any defect in the hardware), MSI brand laptop is also good for us.
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