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Thursday, 24 November 2016

How to hack wifi ? learn here step by step .

This is a catchall question for Wi-Fi hacking, including password bypass or password recovery (WEP/WPA/WPA2,WPA2-PSK, etc), setting up man-in-the-middle attacks, or other specific techniques to use the network beyond the restrictions set by the network administrator.
If you have ever used wifi then at some point thought about hacking wifi may have crossed your mind. Hacking wifi through backtrack/reaver is a long and tedious process. Here in this post, I’d like to share a tutorial on how to hack wps enabled wifi network from android.
Note:- Process cannot be carried out entirely on android (you’ll need computer with windows os for 2nd phase).
-There’s no guarantee that it’ll work on every wps enabled wifi networks. (Success ratio is approx 2 out of 5).
-This tutorial and resources are meant to be used for educational purposes only. Do not try this on wifi networks in which you do not have permission to access.
These are the things you need to hack wifi with android:
1. Android Phone (For 1st phase of this process)
2. WPS Pin Software. Download : Link1 | Link2
hack wifi

3. Windows OS (2nd phase of this process needs to be done on computer.
4. Wireless usb wifi adapter (optional but recommended)
Phase-1 :
1. Download and Install Wps Pin Software Android app. ( Link1 | Link2 )
2. Search for available wifi network through this app and take a note of separate 8-digit wps pin numbers of wps pin available WiFi networks.
hack wifi

Phase-2 :
A. On Computer – windows OS – 8/8.1:
1. Search for available wifi networks through your computer.
2. You’ll be asked to enter security key (password). Choose “connect through wps pin instead option” in the bottom right corner.
3. Try connecting to the networks for which you’ve noted wps pin numbers.
4. Done. Enjoy!!
For other Windows OS Versions scroll to alternative method below!
B. On Computer using wireless wifi adapter:
Tested on :
1. Install/Connect your wireless wifi adapter. (I recommend wifi adapter even for laptops as it boosts wifi signal to certain level.)
2. Search and connect to wps enabled wifi networks with the wps pin you’ve noted. Download utility driver from wifi adapter’s official site.
3. Done! Enjoy!
Now once you’ve connected to the wifi network you might want to view the password for other devices too. This is how you’ll be able to view password of wireless network you’re connected to:
1. Press <Windows + R>
2. type <ncpa.cpl> & Press <Enter>
This opens Network Connection Windows
3. Right Click <Wi-Fi>
4. Click <Status>
5. Click <Wireless Properties>
6. Click <Security>
7. Click <Show Characters>
Password Is Shown In Network Security Key
Alternative Method:
How to hack WPS enabled wifi passwords from pc in less than 5 minutes? (You don’t need android device for this!)
1. Download Wifi Hacking Tools & MICROSOFT.NET Framework from link below.
2. Then Install Jumpstart, WinPCap and Dumpper
3. Open Dumpper
4. Available Wifi Networks would be displayed (Change language setting from button in the last).
5. Click on Show WPS Pin Button.
6. Copy wps pin code from selected wifi network.
7. Open Jumpstart WPS software (considering it’s already been installed, Jumpstart shortcut appears on desktop).
8. Select join the connection, click on next & Enter WPS pin from my access point.
9. Paste that pin & Unselect Automatically select the connection & click on next.
10. Select the Network which you want to hack & click next.
11. Finally, You can connect to wifi network without having to enter security key within 1-5 minutes.
Download Microsoft.Net framework 4.5.2:
Download and install these tools :
1. WinPcap :
2. Dumpper :
3. Jumpstart :
Have questions regarding process, adopter config, software, tools…? Comment below!
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How to hack wifi ? learn here step by step . Reviewed by K.D on Thursday, November 24, 2016 Rating: 5 This is a catchall question for Wi-Fi hacking, including password bypass or password recovery (WEP/WPA/WPA2,WPA2-PSK, etc), setting up ma...