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Saturday, 11 April 2020

How To Build A Personal Site Without Spending Money At Home

Creating a website nowadays is not a big deal, you do not need to know the HTML code that you are looking for, but a little time and patience. There are many tools available online, and even a page can be created, even if it is simple page making by some other graphic software, including FrontPage, Dreamweaver.

World wide web

 But why not put that page in a place that is visible to everyone? After creating a page, many were curious where to register? What is that hosting? How much money will it cost? Who Provides? At the same time, building a site is not only a big deal, there are many things to do! Today we are going to spark some of the steps from start to finish to create a site there.

Now let's talk about what it means to start building a personal site. One thing you must first understand is that creating a site is just like having a baby. Having a baby does not fulfill its responsibility, it is only the beginning. Just as it takes a lot of parenting to raise a child, including raising a family, getting acquainted with the community, so not only creating a website but also a lot of work. Here are some of the most common and most important steps I take:

Register a Domain Name

Your first task is to register your name in the website creation steps. After registering, you might understand that giving a name for your site like,, You have to pay yearly for these names like .com, .net, .org, but if you are planning to register like my site that you are currently reading then you should not pay yearly. Until recently, the Mercantile Company has been providing free of charge. For this you have to register your name within three days if you take a photocopy of your citizenship and a letter "Get my name registered". And for that you need to fill out an online firm by going to But understand that registering there does not get you a website, it is just a name for the site you are about to become. And when choosing a personal site name, you have to choose a name that matches your citizenship name or surname, then check whether or not others have already registered your name at And maybe you know two people can't have the same name, everyone has different names. And if you plan on registering names like .com, .info, .me, .biz, you can pay annually from a domain registration company or online site. For this, the company is charged more than 1100  And the only difference between these two is that one locality seems to be concentrated in the community while the other around the world is not much different for general personal purposes. And many other companies also provide free domains, such as,,, .tk, etc. You can even google your own for other names.

You might be confused, like registering or creating a website. No matter what the step is before, you can do it even after you've designed the website first. But if you have to think before you register, make sure you have a good and easy name that will be easy for you to say and remember.

Select a web hosting company

You might think registering, is enough to build personal site? No you have to select a web hosting company. If you go to Mercantile to register a domain, they will initially ask you for DNS. You might wonder where to get this DNS name now? For this you have to buy web space with a hosting company. Why do you still need it? The job of DNS is to change your domain name to an IP address. The computer doesn't recognize your domain, so it requires an IP, and we have a hard time remembering long IPs. This requires DNS. And now the point is why buy web space? The website you create needs to be placed in a place that can be found anywhere from anywhere in the world, which your home laptop or PC can't do. It needs to be kept in a secure and secure place with an internet connection within 24 hours, called a web server. Companies charge money to place your file on one corner of that web server's hard disk. How much money you make now depends on the space you need, the facilities and the companies that provide it. Which is available in the Nepalese market from 1500 onwards. Some Nepalese big companies have their own web server of Mercantile, World Link, e-nets, but other companies sell it here with space from foreign companies. You can also buy directly from popular online sites like,,

Designing the Web

This is an important step in which you need to put all your information in order for your viewers to easily see it. There is something special you have to offer that makes your friends love to visit your site, such as photo galleries, videos, forums, blogs, certain information, experiences. And to keep these things in mind, you can create a custom logo for your site, a combination of colors to suit your personal identity, easy navigation, and a chic layout. But how to make it all happen? You can use Microsoft's front page, Adobe's DreamWeaver, or even a free developer tool available online. And in other tools you can open an account on Google Blogger and add it to your domain later, there are also free themes available that will help you get rid of the hassle of building a site and if you have a lot of web related knowledge then WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. You can also use a free content management system like

If you are planning to create a site in Joomla or WordPress, I have written for you a few minutes about the simple steps you can take to create a site, click on these posts: Easy Tips for Creating a Website - WordPress, "Joomla"

Upload the Contents

The last thing you want to do after the website is set up on your computer is to make it visible to everyone online or to find it when you type the domain name you previously registered. For which you must use FTP. Which helps to transfer files stored on your computer online. For which you can download FileZiella, Cute FTP software available online for free. After downloading the software, you can connect to the server space using the username and password provided by your hosting company, then you will be able to keep the files you have created on your computer one by one. Once you've done so and typed your domain name into the browser, the site you created will open online.

This can be done by making your site live, and you can keep updating your site again. Putting new things on the site will allow your visitors to come back to your site to see, read, and share your thoughts. Hopefully, these steps will help you to create your own personal site. And some may find these steps a little distracting and may cause many problems as they work. This is not something that can be learned and done in a single day; if you have the time and patience as we have said in the beginning, you can certainly make it.

If you face any problems during these procedure please comment below.
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