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Tuesday, 3 March 2020

How To Survive From Corona Virus (COVID19)

How does Coronavirus survive? What can be done to prevent the virus from moving?

Corona Virus

 No virus (even coronavirus) can create a new virus on its own. For that, the virus must rely on the cells of animals, humans or other organisms. But what the body cells find does not allow it to enter the eye.

 Similarly, Virus uses a protein element on the outside of its body to tilt humans' cells, so that our body's cells are tilted to allow themselves to be part of the cell and allow the virus to penetrate. When the coronavirus is injected into the cell of the lungs, it generates many other viruses using the genetic material inside the cell and terminates the cell. And the more viruses, the more the cells of the lungs begin to die. Then, the process of listening to the dead cells and collecting fluids goes on. As a result, oxygen in the lungs goes into the blood vessels and stops oxygen irrigation in the blood and the lungs become inflamed. In such cases, the ventilator machine should be used periodically to keep the lungs smooth and oxygenated into the blood. By doing so, other organs have to work in low oxygen, without enough oxygen from their body. The already healthy and unhealthy body cannot withstand such oxygen depletion and can die. Therefore, Coronavirus can affect quickly, often with the effects of diabetes, blood pressure etc., organs tired, smoking cessation, and reduced immune strength.

# Name change
- Corona Virus was initially named (2019-nCoV). Often, after an epidemic of epidemic spreads, the current name is changed due to fear of social stigma, social exclusion, and a new scientific name is given to it by associating one country, ethnicity, language and face with that name. Following this pattern, the name of coronavirus was also changed to COVID 19.

#Why does this new virus appear?
- Many viruses occur naturally in many wild animals and organisms, including rats, lizards. Some viruses transmit from one organism to another and affect the person they infect, but not from one person to another. But a virus can change its gene from time to time, mutate it and make it transmit from one person to another. In this way, after being transmitted from one person to another for a few decades to a few hundred years, the human body produces the power to fight against such a virus and normalizes it to other pathogenic viruses. But since this current coronavirus, the COVID 19 virus, is of a different strain or different gene than the previous coronavirus, the immune body antibody we fight against is not already built up, as the human body is completely new to the immune system.

# Symptoms
- It has the same symptoms as the initial symptoms and common symptoms. But it can cause a little more sore throat, coughing too much, fever, becoming very tired and breathing problems.
- Coronavirus can be distinguished not only by the symptoms but also if the symptoms are seen and the infection of coronavirus spreads near the eyes, it can be estimated that the cortex is moved.

# Test
- To find out if coronavirus is a yes, a sample is taken from the nose, mouth, throat, lungs or blood to find out what is the genetic make up of the virus and if combined with the gene of coronavirus, a positive test is considered.
- If the result of this test is delayed then treatment of coronavirus should be started only on CT basis.

# Treatment
- There is no cure for the complete eradication of Coronavirus to date. Medication can be treated only to minimize its effects.
- In many countries, drugs used against other types of viruses and malaria etc have been used and statistically only treatment has been successful.
- The vaccine against this virus is under test and the first stage of vaccine is coming in.

# Virus What can be done to prevent tears?
** If Coronavirus is spread in the adjacent area where the mango is located, do the following.
1) Coronavirus can go up to about 3-6 meters from nose to mouth when jerking, but usually does not go to bed for as long as possible due to the virus that can go up to 5 meters when coughing.

2) Do not touch anything that is in the public place as much as possible. Immediately, the alcohol sanitizer should be sanitized by hand or thoroughly washed with soapy water. If you need to open a public place, use your elbows or legs.

3) Since most viruses penetrate the body through the nose through the mouth, remove the habit of bringing the hand to the nose to the mouth.

4) Wash your hands with soap and soak for at least 2 seconds. Clean the inside of the nails, fingertip, etc. Normally we do not wash even for 2 seconds. Therefore, it is best to wash your hands by taking twice as much time as usual, with a lot of patience, with a lot of care.

5) It is not necessary to wear a mask until Coronavirus is thrown into its own toll. If a mask is to be worn, the person who has the symptoms of the virus should wear a normal surgical mask to prevent the virus from spreading, and those close to the person or caregiver should wear the N-95 mask as soon as possible. If not, should wear a normal mask. The N-95 mask has different size depending on the texture of the face. If there is a shortage of the mask, then apply a two layer mask of home made cloth.

6) If not wearing a mask please wear mask before go outside from home.

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