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Saturday, 21 March 2020

Get 'Corona Virus' Alert In Your Mobile

prevention of corona
Caption: Corona Prevention
As the epidemic of the corona virus spreads, its effects are expanding in all areas. Now it has become a subject of widespread public interest.

People want to know about the Harpal Corona. But where does everyone live, watching every news, magazine and online?

But, now the quarrel is about to end. You will receive news alerts on your phone every moment of the coronavirus.

For this you can get updates and notifications on Twitter, Google Alerts or your favorite news site.

Similarly, if you want to know how many corona cases have appeared in your area, how many places have been affected, you can sign up and get a text alert.

Twitter Alerts
From Twitter you can get every moment notification alerts about coronavirus. You can go to your notification settings for this.
There you will find the SMS notification within the notification. If you do not have a link to the phone number you have on Twitter, add it there.

Now Twitter will verify your phone. Now tick the Crisis & Emergency Alert at the bottom of the SMS notification.

After doing so, your alert settings request is successful. This is followed by the Corona Virus Alert Notification on your Twitter feed at all times.

Google Alerts
Google Alerts will alert you every time a corona virus is detected. For this you go to Google Alerts. From there, enter the subject you want updated in the search box.
Then go to the settings button at the top and select how often you want notifications, and then create an alert. You can also make changes in your settings to suit your needs.

Apple Alert
If you have an iPhone or Apple Watch, you can get emergency, public safety and government alerts and alerts right on your device.

Go to device settings for this. From there, scroll to Notifications and toggle on the Emergency Alert option, activate Public Safety Alert.

News app
Some news organizations have their own newsletter. From there you can get news updates.
For example, the Senate Boat Newsletter sends you the news of the most important events of the day via email. News of the Corona virus has also been on the news lately.

The Senate also sends news alerts and news, including the Corona virus, through both the Apple and Android apps. Similar facilities are being provided by other news organizations.

Get 'Corona Virus' Alert In Your Mobile Reviewed by K.D on Saturday, March 21, 2020 Rating: 5 Caption: Corona Prevention As the epidemic of the corona virus spreads, its effects are expanding in all areas. Now it has become a sub...

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