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Thursday, 27 February 2020

When Reached Annapurna Base Camp !

Tatina Desvaux &
Marie Cristine

A young mountain noman sets foot on Annapurna base camp for the first time
The undisputable beauty of the summit of Nepal  continues to fascinate adventurous  minds from all over the world . This December 2019 .  the Annapurna base camp has welcome the for first time a trekker from the sandy shores to the republic of mountains .
ABC Nepal

 Tatiana Desarux , a 27  years old naturalist a dept says that she came all the way from her island situated  in the Indian ocean to first and foremost have the opportunity to witness and admire the wonderful landscapes hat have deserved in their own right that states of wonders to the word and to discover the Nepali culture . To this young woman unaccustomed to such heights the trekking might have been much of a challenge had she not been correctly supported and counselled by her twenty years expected guide from real adventure ltd.  Determined from the start to reach the 4210 M of the Annapurna base camp.

Tahana says that she has given her very best to make it to the top she asserts that the experience was worth all her efforts and investment for she has acquainted and befriended along the way marvellous people from all over the world. And has been lucky to discover the rich Nepali culture from the people met at different locations along the trekking routs . kind and  helpful, she says that the locals met along the way have made Nepal a destination that she will always cherish  close to her heart . having reach her objective on the 26th  December 2017, it in with tears of joy wonder and admiration that she stood at the base of the Annapurna and  the  Annapurna south , grateful for having had to chance to see on e of the wanders of the world in her lifetime. To this young trekker the adventure does not end  here though. It in with sparkling  eyes that she admits wanting to came back to Nepal  soon to explore other loyalty such as the Everest base camp  she hope to set an example to the youth of her country , that whichever goal one might set to himself , no matter how unattained it  may seems , it might surely come to realiser it sufficient  patency
Perseverance , investment and efforts are put in .
This article wrote by two mountaineer .
When Reached Annapurna Base Camp ! Reviewed by K.D on Thursday, February 27, 2020 Rating: 5 Tatina Desvaux & Marie Cristine A young mountain noman sets foot on Annapurna base camp for the first time The undisputable beauty ...

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