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Friday, 7 February 2020

Valentine's Day ! Still Single 😒

Many of my friends excited to celebrate Feb 14 the day of lovers But many of doesn't have girlfriend to celebrate this occasion .
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 I have some tips to you guys You could make your new girlfriend or make Boyfriend . Let's start what is that magical trick that would get you your new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Start chatting 

Many of boys or girls hesitate to talk or chat with that person whom they likes. When you guys doesn't have any confident how can you get that person in your life. When i was child or in school life a girl of my neighbor she loves a helper of driver . The girl's family was millionaire but she fall in loves that guy who doesn't have a good flat or room but he was very talkative and he make that girl his girlfriend. So moral is the example is don't give up your hopes and continue to on your path 😊.

Don't show off

Specifically many boys wants to show off to impress to girl but many of girls breakup after knowing their reality . When you want to make your relationship longer and stable then you have to maintain your trust that person who loves you most. Many of boys ignore to talk that girl after accepted their proposal .A girl invistegated before accept propose of a boys .  So boys don't show off to impress a girl.

Give Simple Gift

When a boys or girls accept proposal he or she wants to gift that person on their first meet . Don't give expensive gift give simple and suitable gift your beloved ones. Gift should be simple and beautiful not expensive mind it.👈

Spend Time

Spend some quality time with your partner this make your relationship strong and longer when you both talk face to face the dought clear of you two . If you far from your beloved than call or text her/him it's make your relationship strong and long lasting. 

Introduce With Family

This is the most important part in a relationship when you introduce your life partner to with your family members . After meet your love with your family your relationship goes more stronger .
This is some tips to make strong relationships . When both if you have trust eachother no other will destroy your relationship so clear your argument face to face . 😊 Thankyou
Valentine's Day ! Still Single 😒 Reviewed by K.D on Friday, February 07, 2020 Rating: 5 Many of my friends excited to celebrate Feb 14 the day of lovers But many of doesn't have girlfriend to celebrate this occasion . Va...

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