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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Top 10 Must-Read Content Blogs of Nepal

Few days ago around 10 pm i m searching an article and post about most popular blog and blogger of Nepal and i got some information about this blog and blogger who are actively running their blog and getting better response. Here is top 10 must read blog of Nepal .
to 10 blog of kamal dhital
TOP_10_Blog is the most popular blog among that people who had media literacy.  This blog is more credible than main stream media. I am also a reader of this blog . Mainly this blog justify in balanced way. This is the first Nepali blog started by Salokya (Umesh Shrestha) in the year 2005 one year back of facebook launch . Visit Mysansar

MySansar is the another most popular blog in Nepal. Most of the visiter of this blog is for using Nepali unicode and unicode to preeti convert. I am also a user of this blog . Ashesh's blog started by developers Ashesh shrestha. Ashesh's blog mainly focusses on utilities like preeti to unicide , unicode typing , Nepali calendar etc. So this blog is second popular blog in Nepali user .

3. XNepali
 Xnepali blog is the entertianment blog. Its mainly focus on Nepali filmy industry give review of Nepali movie and information of upcoming nepali feature film. Celebrity gossip film review and rating etc are share through this blog i m also a  reader of this blog . xnepali is owned by Anand Nepal. Visit Xnepali .

Merokalam is the another popular blog among nepali people. Merokalam is focus on technology and other general article . In a section of this blog you can find preeti to unicode and unicode typing tool.Merokalam recently migrate in English. visit Merokalam and get more information about this blog . Merokalam

5.Mukesh chapagain's blog 
Mukesh chapagain's blog run by Mukesh chapagain. He is a degree holder in Computer Engineering of Kathmandu University Dhulikhel Nepal. Mukesh chapagain's blog mainly focus PHP Programming & Magento eCommerce Projects . Mukesh started his blog in year 2006 the same year of twitter started. visit Mukesh chapagain's blog and get more info about his blog . Mukesh chapagain's blog. 

6.Sahitya Sangraha
Sahitya Sangraha is the most readable site among literature lovers. This site focuses in Nepali story , fairy tales and other category stories. Many story writer wrote story in this site. Please visit this site and get more information about this site . visit Sahitya Sangraha .

7.Prakash Ujalyo
Prakash Ujalyo is run by Nepali Journalist Prakash timilsina who is  currently working in Nepalnews . Prakash Ujalyo focuses on political issue and other social issue. Please visit Prakash Timalsina blog Prakash Ujalyo and get more information about this blog . Prakash Ujalyo.

8. Why Nepal
WhyNepal blog is Ujwal Thapa's blog he is known politician of Nepal(leader of Bibeksil Nepal party) . Why Nepal is mainly focus about Nepali political issue and it's agenda . In this blog Ujwal Thapa write his life changing event and many more article .  Please visit why Nepal blog and get more info. visit Why Nepal .

9. LexLimbu Blog
Lexlimbu is popular blog among nepali people. is run by Lex Limbu . Lexlimbu is one of the most popular Nepali blogs right now. The blog focuses on Nepali happenings from Nepal and the Nepali diaspora. Please visit Lexlimbu Blog for more info Lex Limbu .

10. Aakar Post
Aakarpost is the Nepali blog about how to use technology and other . Aakarpost run by blogger Anil Ghimire. This blog post about technology happening and other tutorials .This blog is also on Nepali unicode . Please visit Aakarpost for more information . visit Aakar Post .

 Please write your blog below next blog i'll update it . Thankyou
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