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Monday, 20 April 2020

What is a Blog, How to Make Money? (Part 1)

Who doesn't want to make a lot of money? It is well-known that it is the duty and responsibility of each person to manage personal and family expenses, to keep social activities and information for the benefit, but that is not to say that everyone has mastered these areas and is successful.
Earn money from Blogger
Earn from Blogger

But having my own personal experience and belief that being able to find the right way to pay or get help, and patiently working together also contributes to success.

What is trying to be presented here is that online blogging can be of some help in solving the growing unemployment problem in Nepali environment. Blogging is a reliable way to make money.

It is important to briefly inform about blogging and adsense. Now in the context,
So what is a blog?
In fact, the diary of online writing on paper sheets is a blog in which the activities of our society and thoughts and thoughts are expressed. Which appears on the Internet through various parts of the world, where advice and feedback can be shared from everywhere in the world. Therefore, since there is a diary written in the web medium, it is called Web-blog, which is a short blog.

Everything is changing, everything is changing in the cycle of time. The same applies to the Internet. Due to the increasingly sophisticated Internet technology and fast online business in the early Western countries, various websites and blogs have been created for the promotion of business business and various online advertising agencies and online employment agencies have been established.

But after managing all of these things, Google succeeded in taking the leading position that it still holds today. Introduced as an online advertising and search engine, Google has introduced various programs while offering its services, which has won the hearts of everyone and continues to grow according to its own earnings policy. What we can do from www.blogger.com, www.blogspot.com, www.adsense.com, www.gmail.com and the video site www.youtube.com.
And now yllix.com is a good alternative to adsense, adsense does not give priority to Nepali content, it is difficult to approve, this new company is very good if you want to run a blog in Nepali container.

These are simple information and things from the past. Currently it is still widely spread, but not only confined to Western countries but also spreads worldwide and Nepal is also expanding day by day. Because it has become a good source of income both personally and professionally. Part-time full-time blogging can be a great way to earn yourself and your family expenses, hard work, and patience.
While doing my own thing, I currently work in own sports shop and earn about two hundred dollars USD a month on blogging in part-time, in addition to working as a sports seller. The blog address I earn this way is: www.kamaldhital.com.np . If you are full-time, then there is no point in earning good income.

At first, I didn't even believe that Google would cheat when I heard that they earn fifty dollars, fifty dollars. And in the first month of trying not to try one, three hundred and ninety-five dollars were deposited, I believed and worked hard to earn a second month. Up to six hundred. It's my pleasure. Other friends may have this experience too. So I am more than happy to share the happiness that I have received with you. Therefore, one must strive to bring life into the realm. The idea here is imagination, imagination is a plan, every action has to be planned, and execution is just as important, implementation requires hard awareness and patience. In my view, blogging in Nepal will play an important role in creating self-employment. And I need to get some information before it starts, so only the information in this issue is attempted.

Now, let's take a look at a little about where I'm earning. Continue in Second part

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What is a Blog, How to Make Money? (Part 1) Reviewed by K.D on Monday, April 20, 2020 Rating: 5 Who doesn't want to make a lot of money? It is well-known that it is the duty and responsibility of each person to manage personal and ...

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