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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

5 good change caused by corona virus

The corona virus. Who would have thought better about the havoc that began with the beginning of 2020? The virus, which has killed nearly 19,000 people worldwide so far, is causing problems in many aspects of the world, including economic activity.
Creativity during Corona

Many countries in the world are stopping the entire country, not just small cities.

No one has ever predicted how long this will continue. But, despite all this, some good news has come. Let's talk about them:

1. Pollution reduction in the world

Many countries have been locked down due to the corona virus. And, because of this, the pollution levels have decreased. Corona has had a profound impact on both China and Italy. However, air pollution in these two countries has also dropped significantly. The major cause of air pollution is the reduction of nitrogen dioxide in these countries.

In the locked-down country, reports have been made that air quality is good when industries are closed and cars are running low.

In New York, some researchers have improved carbon monoxide by 8 percent this year compared to last year. So this year the world is also known to have low temperatures and it will improve the environment.

2.Improvement in water quality

According to people in Venice, the water that used to flow into the city canals has changed a lot now. The quality of water there has improved greatly.

Northern Italy's popular tourist destination is completely deserted due to the Corona virus. And because of this there has also been a decrease in water use. And, the water found there is getting cleaner.

In some wells, how much water has been cleansed and there was nothing visible in the past, now the fish are there.

3. Hearts appear to be generous

Many cities are now completely closed due to the Corona virus. People are collecting more than they need from nearby stores because they don't have the time to stay home.

In many places, people are even arguing with each other in such shopping centers.

But, in New York, the two together have prepared 133 volunteers in 72 hours. The job of these volunteers is to help the elderly and other disabled people in the city. According to Facebook, many people in Britain have joined a group to fight Corona. The same has happened in Canada.

This has led to discussions in a growing world of supportive minds.

4.People are uniting

Due to work pressures, people were often unable to make time for themselves and their families and communities. But now that everything is closed, people are living at home.

Meanwhile in Italy people are out on the porch and enjoying the music. Researchers from around the world have concluded that it increases the harmony with one another in society.

Thousands of examples of how great it is for people to spend good time with their family and friends are now posted on social media by thousands.

5.Creativity is on the rise

Due to the corona virus worldwide, people who live in their homes have also been able to enhance their creative practice.

On social networks, people are writing about creative things they are posting.

The virtual world is being promoted in places. The Virtual Book Club has started in Washington, the Virtual Pub in London has begun.
5 good change caused by corona virus Reviewed by K.D on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 Rating: 5 The corona virus. Who would have thought better about the havoc that began with the beginning of 2020? The virus, which has killed nearly 1...

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