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Monday, 30 March 2020

US president shot dead by mad lovers

Today March 20. In 1981, then-US President Ronald Reagan was shot dead outside a hotel in Washington, DC. Reporter John Hinkle, who was standing in the crowd of reporters, was shot six times by the president who was heading out of his address, addressing a meeting of workers at the Washington Hilton Hotel. Three other assistants, including the president, were shot.
Us presidents shot
Us president lay down

White House press secretary, Jimmy Brady, a government spokesman, was shot in the head and was seriously injured. Agent Timothy McCarthy of the Intelligence Service and Columbia District Policeman Thomas Delahanti were shot in the neck. Everyone survived the incident, but Brady's brain was damaged and never functioned.

The Point 22 caliber bullet failed to hit the president's heart, leaving him with a left lung. Alfred Antinucci, a labor officer from OhioShield Cleveland, was a short distance from Hinckley, when he saw the firing, he hit Hinckley's head. Hinckley fell to the ground immediately. Within two seconds another eyewitness, Agent Dennis McCarthy, went to the Hinckley fight. She wanted to protect Hinckley from the crowd and not be unpleasant at the scene. But despite this, other people also kicked Hinkley's head, causing blood to flow from his head.

Here, Reagan, 70, was taken to Washington University Hospital and underwent surgery. On the second day, he started the presidency from the hospital and signed some bills. On April 11, he returned to Whitehouse. Although the impact of the bullet lasted a lifetime, his fame grew, and everyone appreciated his confidence.

Who was Hinkley?

Hinkley was only 25 years old when he shot Reagan. She was in one-sided and imaginary love with American actress Jody Foster. According to Hinckley's lawyers, after watching the movie 'Taxi Driver' released in 1976, Hinckley was beginning to become fascinated with Foster. He watched the movie dozens of times. Then, following Foster, he headed for Yale University to study. Many times he wrote love letters. Finally, after failing to seduce Foster, he tried to influence the actress by using a taxi driver's film formula, which is the story of the main character trying to assassinate a fictional senator.

Hinckley, who was madly in love, dabbled in fantasy, hijacking a plane and committing suicide in front of Foster's attention. Eventually, he planned to assassinate the president to make a name in history. He also followed President Jimmy Carter from one state to another, and was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee on charges of carrying a weapon during that time.

He returned home with no money. However, after returning home and eating depression medication, his mental health did not improve. He then began targeting new President Ronald Reagan. He even studied how John F. Kennedy was assassinated to make his plan a success.

Attending a hearing in Washington, DC, in 1982, there were 13 complaints against Hinckley. Health reports showed he had schizophrenia, narcissism, dysrhythmia, and borderline mental problems, so he was not convicted. Instead, he was detained and sent to St. Elthwaite Hospital in Washington for psychiatric treatment.

The federal court allowed Hinckley to release Hinkley on June 27, 2016, believing it would not pose a danger to himself and others, allowing the decision to be executed August 5. It was decided that he should be released on certain conditions. For example, he will not be in contact with the Reagan family, Brady family, Jody Foster and his family or agents. He will live with his 90-year-old mother in a home in Williamsburg, Virginia, and will live within 80 miles of the controlling area.

On September 10, 2016, he was released from a mental hospital, spending time at her mother's house. He was given various stipulations, including abstaining from alcohol, showing or using any weapon, not listening to violent song-music, being unable to access porn videos or movies or pictures, unable to speak to the press and working three days a week, driving no longer than 48 km. He also used the Internet to test the computer's web browser history, since it was a test. According to the rules, he had to be tested twice a month for mental illness.

Other event

1982 - NASA's spacecraft 'Columbia' returns to Earth after completing its STS-3 mission.

1982 - Distinguished from the renowned writer and director of India, the Satyajit Ray Honorary Oscar Award.

2006 - Anti-terrorism laws come into force in the UK.

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