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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

The importance of copper in our Health

For a moment, forget Namaste, about the funeral, the mandatory bath and the new clean cloth, two weeks quarantine of Kiryapatri, the subject of fire touch. It may involve separate studies and debates.
From our kitchen to the pantry, I never thought deeply about the use of copper.
Caption: A Corona virus related image

Looking at the studies now and hearing that copper antimicrobial elements will kill up to 99% of the germs exposed to it in two hours. Various studies have shown that coronavirus can survive on iron for up to three days. But on copper, the virus can survive for at least 4 hours.

According to a research report published last Friday by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the coronavirus can survive up to three days on vessels, rails, beds or surfaces made of steel and plastic. Studies have shown that viruses can survive for up to 4 hours on cardboard and in surfaces similar to copper.

The main cause of coronavirus infection is still considered to be the thick or dry cough / sputum droplet that comes out of the mouth when infected. Once coughing, up to three thousand such drops can exit the mouth, and only a few viruses will come out. While most of the droplets fall on the surface of the berm, the subtle bit of air will stick. Such a virus can survive for four hours and become infected as soon as it reaches a healthy person in the air.

The viruses lying on the surface can stick to anything used or infected by an infected person, and they can reach our breath by hand. Regular hand washing reduces this risk.

Due to this quality of copper, it is now read that the use of copper is increasing in labs, high risk areas of infection. Our ancestors understood this long ago.

We know that most of the disease germs are transmitted through the water into the villages. Most of the germs are destroyed in the water kept overnight in copper. Perhaps this water purification has saved our generation from hundreds of thousands of infections for thousands of years.

Everyone knows the importance and use of copper in our synagogue. There are still many people in the village of Nepal who do not drink water from it, considering it is made of iron or glass. Before starting any puja, it is considered compulsory to reach the navel using the copper punch in the copper panchapatra. What is interesting is that even after calling oneself to God, establishing one's life in a betel nut or idol, the first thing to do is to wash hands and feet, wash the pure water and copper in the copper container, change the new cloth, and finally perform the worship and offerings. Before feeding, it is considered imperative to ignite the germicidal incense made from various herbs and plants. Such is the simple worship.

It is a reflection of our culture. I used to change my clothes to the kitchen. I used to open shoes in the temple or outside the house. Without bathing, I went into the kitchen too far, and couldn't even get water.

I do not claim that our culture was made in the linear formula of science. However, the deeper you think, the more you think it is. It seems that people of all times knew how to save and advance their generations. What do you think ॐॐॐ
-Narayan Gaule
The importance of copper in our Health Reviewed by K.D on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 Rating: 5 For a moment, forget Namaste, about the funeral, the mandatory bath and the new clean cloth, two weeks quarantine of Kiryapatri, the subjec...

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