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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

5 Best Tips To Prevent Corona Virus Infection

The pandemic of the Corona virus (Covid-19) is now spreading worldwide.
Corona prevention
Corona prevention

Because of this, worldwide terror is on the rise. So far, more than 4 million people worldwide have been infected with the virus.

About 19,000 people have died due to the virus. How can Corona virus infection be prevented? Here are some ways to prevent the virus -


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the most important factor in preventing the pandemic is its testing.

Crews Johnson from Temple University in the United States says there has been a decrease in new infections worldwide, where more emphasis has been placed on testing the virus. South Korea tests more corona infections every day than the United States does in a month, according to Cris. As a result, new infections have been prevented in Korea. On the contrary, the United States is on the rise.

WHO Director General Adonom Gabrieus suggested that all countries be tested, tested and tested. In many countries, testing is done only when severe symptoms are observed. So the corona virus in those countries is growing rather than being controlled.

2.Keep the infected in isolation

"South Korea and China have done a very good job in identifying, testing, and keeping patients in isolation," says Chris Johnson.

According to him, the test will help send them to solitude. China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong have adopted the same process. The outbreak of the virus is also less seen in these countries.

3.Preparation and immediate action

The effective way of preventing any virus is to take action before the infection spreads, said Talvert Nenshaw, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University.

He says, 'Countries like Taiwan and Singapore have identified new infections and decided to keep them separate. This proved to be a crucial step in controlling the virus. '

The virus is under control, especially because of the good preparation of these countries. A command center was established in Taiwan to overcome such a plague. The center was established during the SARS virus and many times practiced how to prevent the virus.

According to Nenswah, unprepared early stages in the US and Europe are the main reason for the outbreak now.

In mid-January it was discovered that the virus was transmitted from person to person. By then Taiwan had begun testing work on all people entering the country.

4.Social distance

According to Nanswah, if the virus has entered the country, there is no way to prevent it. In this way the most effective way to avoid this problem is to maintain social distance.

In Hong Kong in January, work from home, closure of all schools and all kinds of projects were banned. Singapore did not close the school, but regular testing was done for students and education staff.

5.Be careful about cleaning

WHO says it is important to regularly wash hands and stay clean in order to prevent the transmission of corona virus.

According to Nenswah, many countries have learned from the SARS crisis of 2003 and have taken vigilance under the control of covid-19. Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan have 'anti-bacterial prisons'.

From where humans can sanitize themselves. Apart from this, there is a custom of wearing masks in these countries. This is not the only way to prevent infection, but it can prevent the virus from spreading to the air when coughing and sneezing.

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