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Wednesday, 1 January 2020

What is MCC? What is not?

Before protesting or supporting what you should know about MCC.
 What is MCC?  What it is not?             
   MCC is a fund giving organization for the poor nation having a stable government and favors the democratic government. Studies have shown foreign aid does not help in these nations due to corrupt government. MCC provides funds for those development work selected by the grantee nation. MCC project is a very short term. Once development work is carried out it should not exceed more than 5 to 6 years. After that, it automatically dissolves, so the grantee nation should complete that particular development work within that period. Yes, rules are strict but its no way near what people are describing like it will make Nepal Syria. People are also relating it to the indo-pacific strategy. MCC is older than indo-pacific strategy.  What it is not ? It is not indo pacific strategy?

What is the indo-pacific strategy?                                         Indo-pacific is an alliance of USA, Japan, India and few other nations practicing naval joint military exercises to protect their trade route in the Indian and pacific ocean. We don't have a naval army and we are not part of it and MCC is also not part of it.                                                                         

Will it bring US army to Nepal as described by an unauthentic online news portal that anyone can make?  NO, There is no mention of bringing US troops in Nepal Some people are protesting on certain terms and conditions especially shown in the pic?.                                                                                   

 Are they gonna take our land?                                                     NO, point one talks about owning intellectual property. Intellectual property means about patent, findings and research survey data not about owning land.                  Will it amend our law?                                                 

No, if it conflicts with the project plan for the ease the Nepal government can change by its own will and only related to the project. Nepal government and MCC council will follow international law which will override our law if a dispute occurs. KInd of red flag but not as harsh as described by certain political analysts.                                                                                               Will only the US handles the financial account of the project?

 I don't think it's wise to give our politicians either to handle the financial accounts. They are funding about 70% of the project so not a big deal. I don't think there is any disagreement about appointing workers by MCC council since the project being lunch under their supervision. Lastly, about Indian agreement on our development project. Our transmission line is interconnected to India and our government plans to sell extra electricity to Bangladesh using Indian land.
MCC project
So agreement should be there I guess. What our government should do is clarify our Nepali citizens we are not taking part in anti-Chinese project, we are not letting us army in, and will try to appeal MCC councils to change certain points that are hurting Nepalese citizen. Though, they are not as hostile as described by the certain political analyst of Nepal. Now it's up to you to either protest or support.
What is MCC? What is not? Reviewed by K.D on Wednesday, January 01, 2020 Rating: 5 Before protesting or supporting what you should know about MCC. MCC_logo  What is MCC?  What it is not?                 MCC is a fund...

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