Thursday, 16 February 2017


Hello everyone I m kamal dhital once again with a new article Most Amazing websites for any internet users. I am sure many of you never heard about these websites. Here i make a list of Top 5 websites that pranks you, give you amazing tools and powers. Number 1 and 5 is amazing and one of my favourite. from 1 to 5 all website are amazing i think some of you never visit or heard this type of site .
hackertype is one of the most amazing websites on my list. With this website you can prank your friends, you are a hacker or programmers and your typing speed is too good. Open this website and type anything you want. But the twist is when you type anything on this website, this website shows you predefined code. When you press double tap Caps lock message appeared Access Denied and When you press double tap message appeared Access Granted. Get Feel Like Hacker and enjoy this website. its one of the amazing website on the world.
10Minutemail is create a mail address for you for only 10 minutes. When you visit this site you'll get a email address and its disappair after 10 minute. You can use this website for getting subscription or creating fake id on any site. Your all emails and email self destruct in 10 minutes. You don’t need to fill a form, just open this website and your temporary email address show in homepage.
Hacking live attack
If you really want see live hacking attacks. In this website you see live hacking map on world. You can seeip , attacker address, attack type, ports and lots of other info. I don't this how its working in Real time but its an amazing site . if you neaver heard about this please visit once and see amazing hacking attack in real timing .its one of the amazing website in the world. 4.ZOOMQUILT.ORG
This is an amazing picture zooming site. The animation itself also moves very smoothly. There is something to be taken in as you are watching. You will be pleased even if you show it to your child. You can also adjust the speed or move it in the reduction direction by sliding the screen. When shrinking it, it is a nice feeling that there is another atmosphere. This is an most wanderful website on the world.
If your friend send you suspicious file or you can download file from internet. With this website you check your file contain virus or not.Virustotal is a free online virus scanner. you can also scan any file or document.Its absolutly free
 I think these amazing website , increased your knowledge. Share this article with your friends. If you think I missed something, please comments below. AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE MY SITE . I ‘ll be back soon with new artilce till then bye bye
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